- Complete list of creation parts for Skylanders Imaginators 


Welcome! There are more than 1400 creation items in Skylanders Imaginators and you have come to the right place to get complete lists with images, information on how to unlock them, the bonus stats they give to your Imaginators and other useful tips! Click on the icons below to navigate the different sections of this website.

HeadBazooker WeaponsHeadgear
EyesBowslinger WeaponsShoulder Guards
EarsBrawler WeaponsArm Guards
ChestKnight WeaponsLeg Guards
ArmsNinja WeaponsBackpack
LegsQuickshot WeaponsAura
TassetSentinel WeaponsVoice/Style
TailSmasher WeaponsMusic/Effects
Tail (Swashbuckler)Sorcerer Weapons
Swashbuckler Weapons

Imaginite SetsParts unlocked with Toys


 Parts unlocked with the Lost Imaginite Mines Blue Chest 

 Parts unlocked with the Cursed Tiki Temple Blue Chest 

 Locations of Sets found inside Lost Imaginite Mines 

 Locations of Sets found inside Cursed Tiki Temple 

 How to unlock the Candy Fantastic Set? 

 How to unlock the Bathroom Break Set? 

 How to unlock the Wrenchinator weapon? 

 How Stats work in Skylanders Imaginators?